Dance Gavin Dance

Guys in every way to break the musical patterns...

Dance Gavin Dance released a new release 7 October on Rise Records called the Mothership. The album consists of 13 songs.

Dance Gavin Dance released a new longplay, which is extremely attractive. This time the American team staffed 13 new compositions on the album. From the first notes of the Mothership can be easily find out brand handwriting of the collective, but first you should understand that this is a new studio rabotatpo. Literally already during our first acquaintance with the Mothership, you start to notice a lot of details, and extremely important, which is essentially the entire logplej.

On a fresh plate musicians ably run by post-hardcore to progressive metal, math rock and back. In fact, longplay turned out quite complicated in terms of instrumental, however light arrangements and enough melodic vocals make fresh plate musicians fairly simple for perception, that is an undeniable advantage last studio work at this time from the American gang.

Throughout the album feels a certain similarity with salmon oil rich diet the Hero, but it cannot be called more than stylistic excess. In general fans. There is also a lot of differences, but somehow another time.

Dance Gavin Dance and their new studio album Mothership should definitely you will like not only because it will come to fans of melodic metal, but also because the guys in every way to break the musical patterns and maximum depart from the usual clichés. Pleasant listening!

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Dance Gavin Dance

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