Dave Hanson
Almost Horizontal

This first-class and Contemporary Blues you haven't seen for a long time...

Dave Hanson released fresh studio disc, which received the name of Almost Horizontal. Longplay was released June 3 Six String Social Records and includes 11 songs.

London musician Dave Hanson is representative enough of rare musical phenomenon of blues, especially for our time. In addition, Dave Hanson makes it just so, and not with the real highlight. To your attention a fresh work of musician Almost Horizontal, which became for Dave Hanson full-length debut on stage.

To start the recording Almost Horizontal participated not only a thought leader and frontman Dave Hanson, but and his band, with which he is currently on tour, so Dave Hanson can safely be called a full-fledged musical project. This first-class and contemporary blues you haven't seen for a long time. I wonder what Dave Hanson is not closed in one genre and on the disc, there are still plenty of surprises. What is the only composition called the Midday Sun, which has a pronounced reggae tinge. The quality of the recordings and arrangements Almost Horizontal also performed beyond all praise.

I don't want to speak about such a magnificent and unusual disc as Almost Horizontal, want only to wish you pleasant listening and note how sensual and sincere musician and author of ideas presents the listener to your studio material.

21.07.2016 10:15:39
Genres: Pop, Blues, Pop Rock

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Dave Hanson
Almost Horizontal

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