Dawn Of Disease
Worship the Grave

Dawn Of Disease deserves the attention of metal fans...

Dawn Of Disease released a new longplay that Worship the Grave. Studio work was released on Napalm Records on June 24 and has 10 songs.

Worship the Grave became for the german team thirds full plate. It is interesting to note that previous longplay received positive reviews, which largely affected the creative and vsecelyj recovery group.

Dawn Of Disease clearly inspired the creation of his music included in the Grave Worship, old school death metal, not some there, and Swedish. Many compositions of the Grave Worship, namely the instrumental aspect felt numerous moves, drawings, and in general the riffs, which on advantage should evaluate the old death metal fans. As for the vocal part of the disc, there may arise some questions among some listeners. For a start, it is worth noting that the vocals a few breaks out of general musical paths, and generally is folded primary impression that his forgotten process altogether. However, towards the middle of comes an understanding that it's just the same tribute to how, as the music itself, so surprising.

Generally speaking, Worship the Grave from the Dawn Of Disease deserves the attention of fans of metal not less than other groups from major labels, but there is a big "but". It just so happened that the studio work of the germans is likely to be of interest only to enthusiasts and reservoir-specific audience. However, it was released with quality and it would be foolish to deny it. Pleasant listening!

16.08.2016 10:40:11

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Dawn Of Disease
Worship the Grave

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