Sit Still, Look Pretty

Daya demonstrates good vocal abilities...

Sit Still, Look Pretty was Daya new studio album, which was released on October 7 at ARTBEATZ. The album consists of 14 tracks.

Very young, 18 year old Grace Tandon, who appeared before the gaze of the public music under the alias Daya released their debut studio full-scale work. If you move in the direction of the essence of the album, it should be noted that Sit Still, Look Pretty presented mix pop, electronic and synthpop music.

Official figures show, as the composer participated in the Daya tracks such as Dare and Back to Me with regard to text and other instrumentala songs, this is a tribute to Scott Bruzenak and Gino Barletta. Despite this, the Daya throughout Missouri shows in principle good vocals, and the whole Entourage plate was fitted under the young singer.

Sit Still, Look Pretty with one side turned out to be quite good in terms of instrumental, but not attractive in terms of other things. Most likely even the most notorious lover of modern radio format music stop no more than a few auditions. The album came out a few expressive, and not its duration prohibitively large for young and virtually unknown artists. Note that the length of the LP is nearly 48 minutes. Nevertheless, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Sit Still, Look Pretty from Daya, to form an independent and unique opinion about new rising star. Pleasant listening!

01.12.2016 18:00:16
Genres: Pop, Dance

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Sit Still, Look Pretty

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