Starfish Prime

Fresh thinking and new look...

Dazed released their latest studio work, which was called Starfish Prime. The album was released on his own label on January 28 and consists of 12 compositions.

Starfish Prime was a French musical Quartet Dazed second studio album. Its music, the free space fills the formation of alternative rock and grunge music, which is at the moment. In addition, Starfish Prime tracks will give to all fans of old school grunge, which is now sorely lacking.

Young blood as a Dazed not that brings something new, however, gives a fresh thought and new look. Perhaps the only thing that did not give Prime to open Starfish in fully, so it sound density.

Starfish Prime rich enough not bad ideas. All the tools are in place and doing their job, and vocals, especially on the choruses has the explosion and want to hear from LP. Drawing parallels with the first debut longpleem French team, it can be noted that Dazed does not stand still and refined in the field of composition.

Starfish Prime nice and pretty good studio album by French musical Quartet Dazed. These guys will not let you get bored and leave a bunch of emotions and will live in your playlist. All pleasant listening!

26.04.2017 12:58:28

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Starfish Prime

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