Death Grips
Bottomless Pit

Is the culmination of all the crazy ideas...

Death Grips released in light of its new studio disc, which was called the Bottomless Pit. Longplay was released May 6 in Third Worlds and contains 13 tracks.

Today we will try to find out what's new provided us with unusual musical trio from the United States on its 5-th Studio work. Death Grips became known to the general public not so long ago, but it is quite justified. The musicians committed to blending experimental, hip-hop/rap, cyberpunk and industrial styles. In fact, everything sounds no less strange and frantically, rather than just looking at the tags, however fresh and latest album at this point perhaps is the culmination of all the crazy ideas trio from Sacramento.

Bottomless Pit and 13 tracks that are included on the album exactly defy any characteristic. Amazing blending of genres, no boundaries in terms of instrumental and violation of all possible rules do Bottomless Pit inimitable and unique studio album even by today's standards. If the perception and lend themselves to this track, as Spikes are easy enough, the first two LP's compositions, namely Giving Bad People Good Ideas and Hot Head completely forced to freeze in place and focus even the most spoilt listener. Really worthwhile work for fans of large-scale experiments with styles and sounds.

Death Grips and their latest disc Bottomless Pit will definitely hear a proper feedback from listeners who understand contemporary art and the absence of every boundaries.

18.05.2016 12:02:20

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Death Grips
Bottomless Pit

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