Gorgeous, rich and ambitious work...

Deftones released a new studio album called Gore. The album consists of 11 songs, which took place at Reprise Records on April 8.

Original musicians from Sacramento, frankly, love ennoble spring season their studio works. So it was in 2010 with the release of Diamond Eyes and repeated again with the release of Gore. Eighth longplay, as portended to us guitarist formations long before the Gore, established under the auspices of the experimental rock and alternative metal. And to utter surprise, the experiments here is really more than a standard metal from the team.

Doomed User shows us all that the guys still like low guitar and small experiments with musical sizes. Previously released as a b-side track called Prayers/Triangles clearly deserves to be the first track of Gore, and this applies not only to the order of the songs. It is this composition simultaneously sounds typical for Deftones, but with lots of musical elements is totally new to the team. In general, the work is filled with unexpected twists, but they made so competently and professionally, that updated Deftones don't like isn't that orthodox metaller, whose familiarity with the Deftones ended up even on the first two discs, where was invigorating nu-metal.

Gore significant work for the Deftones. Its maturity it should appeal as a new generation of listeners and fans. Gorgeous, rich and ambitious work from a group that never stands still.

12.04.2016 11:19:57

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