Under Attack

Destruction wanted to recreate the original thrash metal...

Destruction released their new longplay, whose name is Under Attack. Studio recording released May 13 through Nuclear Blast and has 12 tracks.

Some of the most influential representatives of the German thrash metal schools released their new disc, which responsibly took 14 position in the group's discography. Under Attack is not some revelation, not worth Under Attack for a series of innovations and any modification, Destruction at its stand and give us all the opportunity to enjoy fresh thrash metal in the standard form.

Equipped with 12 tracks as above, affect completely different topics in his lyric pieces, namely politics, war, inequality, and other sore problems of modern society. In general, longplay sounds little more than 47 minutes, during this time you have not time to frankly get tired, but in second round play, most likely will not, unless you are a frank fan gang or style.

Specifically to studio material that entered Under Attack, questions and claims no, but here's the technical aspect definitely has some issues. More likely, the Destruction like to recreate the original Wednesday for his new work, with a distinctive dry sound, as it was in the 80's with the emergence of thrash metal. However, most likely the contemporary listener would hear more dense and surround sound at work the year 2016.

Summing up, it should be noted that Under Attack from lawmakers playing the Destruction must be of interest to many headbangers. Destruction are one of the few classic gangs who remain loyal to only yourself and your ideals. Pleasant listening!

29.05.2016 12:45:54

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Under Attack

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