Maximum Overload

Is one of the dominant groups on the planet...

DragonForce - rock band from the uk, formed in power metal. 

Also known as one of the fastest bands in this style and one of the few where the participants are representatives of six countries: Ukraine (Vadim Pruzhanov), New Zealand (Sam Totman), Great Britain (mark Hudson), France (Frederic Leclair), Italy (GII Anzalone) and China (Herman Li). The Group has its share of haters and loyal fans, but the views of the two sides unlikely to change with the last album Maximum Overload.

The first track starts The Game, which clearly justifies our expectations: blazing pace and inhumane wild solos by Herman Li and Sam Totmana. In other words, the maximum overload! Symphonies of the Night is the most impressive song and it is like a up his sleeve: a sharp increase of synthesizers, organs of... 

There is a sense that the team are sick and she decides something has to change. Unfortunately, all over again will return to the normal sound of the following track Sun Is Dead, but will resume its former coolness with the Defenders. 

With No More again, nothing changes, except the Central melody and vocal movement towards the lower octave, as well as in the song there is a backing vocal scream Matthew Hiwi (Trivium). 

The slowest six Overture Three Hammers is much-needed speed limit and take the battle hymn in the style of Manowar.

It has been 11 years since the release of their first album Valley of the Damned, and the difference between the Maximum Overload with previous records is more profound grace and more gigantic grip. DragonForce is one of the most dominating teams on the planet, but what once was a curious and fascinating, now has its limitations. Maximum Overload is self-explanatory that this overload one particular sound tired.

16.01.2015 11:18:48

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Maximum Overload

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