If You're Reading This It's Too Late

A completely unexpected became a release from Drake to...

The name local mixtapes (If you're Reading This it's Too Late) and was impressive in long, and cover and is reminiscent of the suicide note of a suicide.

About the semantic component-here it's not that bad. The rapper is still young, aggressive and struggling with the disease, and in the Star Trek Legend direct text link itself to legends of hip-hop. Also on the album a lot of punk songs in minor tones, such as the Jungle.

For local mixtapes, the executor timed his debut short film. The script shows a completely unrelated elements of life artist: dreams, talk, loved ones. However, through the entire film is a parallel change, which craves Canuck at this stage.

From guests on the release were only supporters of Cash Money. Interestingly, Drake is adapted as a hard style, Lil Wayne, and under the vocal Partynextdoor.

It is worth noting that the track is Used To with Uizzi came out much earlier than the release and he had already visited on the tops of the charts. Drake over the past few years has made magnificent breakthrough. Now Canadian comes on top of the rap industry, but in his work is still enough room for the spleen.

Apparently, the rapper begins to dramatically change his life, and therefore, very soon we will have a new artist with new tracks and albums.

19.02.2015 05:40:17
Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap

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If You're Reading This It's Too Late

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