Dub Fx
Thinking Clear

Clear thinking is heard easily and get ready for the inevitable restarting...

Dub Fx has released the fresh studio disc, which received Thinking Clear. The album was released on August 26 Convoy UNLTD and contains 11 songs.

Benjamin Stanford, better known under the pseudonym of creative Dub Fx hits for the second time in our preparatorskuû, with its fresh longplay Thinking Clear, where once again we will try to analyze the latest job and put everything on the shelves.

On Thinking Clear, like the predecessor, author's emphasis was placed on the liveliness, as well as the dynamic events as it plays on the album. It should be noted that this task again Dub Fx coped admirably. Knowing the entire inside story artist, wait on fresh LP is fully justified.

Disc to really live, evokes real emotions to its splendid and unpredictable instrumentation, from whom will love all the fans of dub, reggae and drum'n'bass. In addition, Clear Thinking there was a place for hot servings of hip-hop/rap, which is making itself felt.

You may also want to say that despite the average duration of studio work, Thinking Clear obeys easily and get ready for the inevitable restarting. The mood for Clear Thinking is quite standard for both the author and the genre in general, so sit back and take in an unforgettable journey through the new studio LPs Dub Fx - Thinking Clear. Pleasant listening!

26.09.2016 12:10:21

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Dub Fx
Thinking Clear

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