Duran Duran
Paper Gods

Simple to pain, but from that and haunting soul LP definitely be delighted...

Duran Duran released a new album whose name Paper Gods. Longplay in delûksovoj version includes 15 tracks, which took place on 11 September on Warner Bros. Records.

Here came the Fiery Hello from rainy Britain from Duran Duran. That was not only with fans in the dark period of the five-year silence, but musicians have worked hard and now we all have a great opportunity to touch a decent art.

At first glance, pleases an impressive amount of compositions - in the standard version of the album, and 12 of them in delux still attached three bonus tracks, but joy multiplied when comes the realization that quality is directly proportional to the number of songs.

On Paper Gods was marked by a large number of guest performers, including Mr. Hudson, Janelle Monae, Jonas Bjerre, but this is not the whole list.

With regard to everything that happens on the album, Duran Duran do not change yourself - it's all the same to a pain familiar pop, pop rock, which, with the passage of time has not lost recognizable music. However, there is a slight change in sound that go only to the benefit of the overall picture. Paper Gods keeps pace with the times in terms of sound, and regarding the relevance of the question can not be. From the first notes of Paper Gods it becomes clear who is at the helm of the vessel and all questions disappear by themselves. Simple to pain, but from that and haunting soul LP definitely happy to find you wherever you are.

18.09.2015 10:27:38

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Duran Duran
Paper Gods

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