Eleanor Friedberger
New View

Audio component has a slightly perceptible taste of the past...

Eleanor Friedberger released a new album, which received the name of New View. Longplay consists of 11 tracks, which took place on 22 January on Frenchkiss Records.

For 39-year-old singer from the United States, New View last in musical trilogy, which began in the year 2011. The third singer longplay extremely good, but performed in a usual manner Eleanor Friedberger.

Stylistically, the new brainchild of Eleanor Friedberger very diverse, but by and large this classic indie rock specimen with small foreign particles, which are characteristic of creativity Eleanor Friedberger.

The audio component of fresh LP famous singer has a slightly perceptible taste of the past. Despite this, the disc did not have not one track, that would have sounded clumsy, or in a way that befits true professionals in their field.

Range of emotions, which covers the New View and now ready to donate, extremely broad. There are sensible and moderate melancholy, joy. Once stopped the final notes of the last track of the album, there is a furious desire to listen to work again. Not surprising as longplay carries not only a lot of enjoyable moments, but also easy to read. New View may be as the background complements your spending time, and could be the main object of your attention. Pleasant listening!

24.02.2016 12:03:23

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Eleanor Friedberger
New View

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