Look at Yourself

All the same bunch of dissonance and branded chips...

Emmure released a new album entitled Look at Yourself. Longplay was released 3 March at SHARPTONE and consists of 13 tracks.

New York gang of Emmure once underwent a total reshuffle in its own composition, released their seventh studio album. We remind that from an old composition remained only vocalist Frankie Palmeri. Look at Yourself completely in contrast to the previous failure of the disc turned out to be surprisingly passable. New guitarist Joshua Travis, known for their love to the present in the low groove guitar systems, contributed 13 tracks, which in fact turned out to be quite groovy.

Look at Yourself is a groove for the sake of groove. Don't wait here confused and beautiful melodies. By and large they are here and there, and not surprising, because always their music possessed Emmure as exclusively the concert. Look at Yourself is also a bunch of dissonance and branded chips Joshua Travis, so if you're at one time followed the creativity The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, and Glass Cloud, then you'll understand what it's all about in the new album Emmure. The style of plates remains the same, namely metalcore.

Output Look at Yourself, you can, in fact, seen as a reincarnation of Emmure, which occurred due to a single person. Look at Yourself is certainly not Speaker of the Dead, but quite close to past success. Fans of the team fresh release definitely comes under the full program. All pleasant listening!

12.05.2017 09:30:34
Genres: Metal, Metalcore

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Look at Yourself

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