Enter Shikari
The Mindsweep

The perfect blend of post-hardcore and electronics creates a stunning effect...

English band Enter Shikari was collected in 2003 year (city Sèent Albans), currently has the following composition: Wroughton "Rou" Reynolds-vocals, electronics, Liam "Rory c. Gerard Klevlou-backing vocals and guitar, Chris" Batty C Batten-bass, vocals, Rob Sgt. Rolfy Ralph-drums. The style in which the play guys and post hardcore with elements of various electronic music: trance, dubstep and Drum'n'bass.

Not a lot of teams are playing in this genre, or at least sought such successes as it happened to Enter Shikari. The group released their debut album in 2007 titled "Take to the Skies, and he immediately reached the fourth line in the UK Albums Chart. A second album released two years later, in 2009, and with him they too end up in the same chart. In 2012, the third album is called A Flash Flood of Colour and also falls on the fourth line of the UK Albums Chart. But the Group has achieved its success even before the release of their first album. Managed it through the pages on MySpace, where they have posted videos of their work.

The band name means Hunter. Shikari is a metaphor of positive aggression, it is force and energy that helps combat problems. That is the message they are trying to convey to the listener through his music.

Already in the year 2015, the guys let out a Studio album titled The Mindsweep. Release contains twelve tracks. The perfect combination of two different directions create a stunning effect. The music becomes alive and brimming with energy.

Sudden jumps from rock to Drum'n 'bass or dubstep makes this group unique. The vocalists, also changes its style, from crying to a calm tone. The intrigue of the compositions that you do not know... What will be the next loser?

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Enter Shikari
The Mindsweep

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