The Holographic Principle

Fresh release meets a flurry of epic and orchestral music...

Epica released a new album titled The Holographic Principle. It was released 30 September through Nuclear Blast and consists of 17 tracks.

Epica released their new full-length release, which once again puts all the points for places and shows who is a pioneer of gothic metal and symphonic metal.

Fresh release meets its audience an incredible flurry of epic and orchestral music. This is what we are all about opening longplay compositions called Eidola. Next on the list all comers waiting for classic metal with excellent symphonic Overture and incredibly attractive female vocals. Despite all prejudices, de-stress Epica has managed to achieve even a small groove, which previously were not so clearly felt. An excellent example of this is the composition A Phantasmic Parade.

17 fresh compositions vary widely enough among themselves and not be too bored during the first audition, despite the fact that the tracks performed in a fairly narrow area.

It is interesting to note that the straight did frank and distinct hits on the disc, no, but for every attendee they could be their own. Longplay released a truly balanced and even slightly cold.

Epica with its new studio work clearly will interest all fans of heavy music, and listeners who want to hear something grand and magnificent from a major title in the music space. Pleasant listening!

09.11.2016 13:06:49

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The Holographic Principle

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