Will interest fans of bands such as Eluveitie, Korpiklaani and Wintersun...

Armageddon has become the new studio work for the collective Equilibrium. It was released on Nuclear Blast on August 12, and it included 22 songs.

German metallers of Equilibrium at its fifth disc resubmitted light first-class folk metal and symphonic metal, which excites the consciousness of its grandeur. This year's team has undergone some personnel changes and the position of bass guitarist is now Makki Solvalt, but apparently on the album and further creativity in principle it has not effect.

Armageddon appeared before the listener in a fairly exciting form. In addition to the 11 new songs, musicians train in longplay and instrumental version of all the fresh tracks. So if you for some reason don't like voice or vocal music in general, the second part of the probation plates allow you to concentrate on music and penetrate deeper into the bowels of the composer.

LP was extremely decent, moderately epic and entirely musical, but there is one "but". Equilibrium as before lacks a little originality, in order to get out of a list of bands that cannot gain any face.

However, the new studio album from Equilibrium called Armageddon definitely will interest fans of bands such as Eluveitie, Korpiklaani and Wintersun. Good longplay, which contains in itself a lot of interesting points. Pleasant listening!

25.09.2016 11:11:12

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