Studio work boasts good sound quality and tools...

Equinox released his new work, which was called Switez. The album includes 11 tracks that came out on Soundage Records.

This wonderful event occurred on June 10 this year. Who would have thought, but the Equinox is a Russian band from Moscow, who works in the genre of folk metal. An interesting feature of the debut LP of musicians is that the album is conceptual. In fact, the musicians could not do otherwise, because the genre obliges. Of course, the uniqueness of the sound attached to the female voice, and it's worth noting, is far from mediocre. Vocalist takes very high notes, and text component of interesting and unusual. Besides the classical electric guitars and rhythm sections, the team has its own keyboard player, which adds these unique folk music tunes.

Looking at the track listing of the album Switez, it can be assumed that the group works on the Western scene, confirmation of this to take into account the composition entitled Switez. This track at longplay is presented in two variants of text, one of which is performed in Russian and the other in Polish. It is noteworthy that the eponymous track is perhaps the most lyrical composition on the album and one of the few hits.

Surprisingly Studio work boasts good sound quality and tools in General, which is especially pleasant and surprising. Patriotic folk metal scene through such releases eyes rises to a new level.

Equinox - Switez is an excellent release, which will surprise you with their quality, creative ideas and correct implementation. All compositions varied, so that each listener will find its modern and folk music at the same time.

1. Исток (03:06)
2. Неман (04:11)
3. Литавор (03:40)
4. Blitzhexen (05:31)
5. Огонь, иди со мной (Энни) (05:19)
6. Свитезь (09:25)
7. Аккерманские степи (01:28)
8. Могила Потоцкой (03:47)
9. Звездопад (04:41)
10. Светлячки Ивановых ночей (03:26)
11. Switez (09:30)
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16.07.2015 04:48:40
Genres: Metal, Folk Metal

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