Erik Ekholm

Attract the attention of those who are interested in the original spirit of soundtracks...

Erik Ekholm has released a new album called the Dreadnought. Studio work was published March 7 at Brickwall Audio and contains 20 songs.

Swedish producer and composer specializes in creating original soundtracks to both movies and tv series and computer games. Actually, fresh album, entitled Dreadnought is dedicated to the eponymous game.

20 presented compositions performed in the spirit of symphonic metal, which is especially noteworthy for our time. All the songs are absolutely instrumental as and believes laws of creativity of the author.

It should be noted that the album will draw attention not only to fans of the games and the Dreadnought, but those listeners who are interested in the original spirit of soundtracks. Because the atmosphere is soaring on the Dreadnought is quite different and, perhaps, far from being metal, which we are accustomed to seeing and hearing. A truly original approach to creating compositions will not let you get bored on such a long album. Intro, which say that introduces us to the story titled Furia, Dreadnought performed beyond all praise. Dreadnought is needed to listen to from start to finish, only in this case you can plunge into the idea and concept of music, which became a new longplay Erik Ekholm.

Swedish composer Erik Ekholm can surprise. We hope that all his creative thoughts, all nested forces and emotions will be appreciated by you and find any response.

02.04.2016 18:07:55

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Erik Ekholm

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