Instrumental component continues on an abundance of ideas...

Erra released a new album, called Drift. The album has 10 tracks, which took place on 8 April in Sumerian Records.

Young American musicians release album, which took third place in the discography of the band. Time runs with amazing speed, after all, only recently released longplay Impulse, debut work guys, and is the third work. Turning to the direct reception of flights at once I would like to note the excellent artwork that graced the Drift. Watching this, you can really immerse yourself in the atmosphere that will await you in the vastness of the LP.

Musically Erra stagnated and as before, perfectly combine in their music styles such as progressive metalcore and progressive metal. Good clean vocals grew since previous Studio work, which cannot be said about the extreme manifestation. Instrumental component continues on an abundance of great musical ideas, great melodies and harmonies. Guys don't become sound softer, but in a metal side not moved nor per centimeter. Drift can be called an ideological continuation of previous creative impulses, only slightly in another manner. The sound of LP remained at a fairly high level, while Erra and changed their label. The only thing that I would like to note, summing up a small line, so it's scant variety. All the same I would like to see a greater number of diverse musical experiments and possibly some symbioses.

04.05.2016 11:53:29

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