SB // LA

SB//LA is for peaceful and relaxing pastime...

Eventide released fresh plate, known as SB//LA. Longplay has 8 fresh compositions, which went out on his own label collective.

Dear Music lovers, natives of California have prepared a real surprise for your ears. Musical duo called Eventide 22 August released his new album, which became the fourth studio work for the group.

Eventide primarily attracted to its musical ambiguity. Under this neutral word means the inexhaustible expression in new tracks and the richness of sound that originates in many genres. Specifically on SB//LA, as well as on recent works, as the basis for the musicians took the r'n'b, pop and even elements of reggae, as for example, in the song She Don't. Similar to the music mix, though not America, but Eventide sounds very tempting. The fact of the matter is that Ben Miller, one of the participants, specifically dealing with vocals, text, compositions and sometimes guitars, which are leaking in the disc, it was fleetingly, the name of the characteristic sound of soul music. Another Member of the formation - Matt Kolb, easy all the responsibility for creating samples and beats. Thus, having a fancy symbiosis, everyone focuses on their work.

SB//LA can be called very slow work. All of the bits on the disc is extremely slow and stringy, thus the longplay appears peaceful mood, bordering on the real nirvana, but not the one you think.

Thanks to the wide range of genres, used as a basis, all 8 tracks pass for a moment, as a result, you can highlight, perhaps, the only minus is the number of songs they clearly lacked and it feels like down The Summit. For all other plans, Studio work more than interesting. SB//LA is for peaceful and relaxing holidays.

09.09.2015 11:34:52

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SB // LA

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