Coping Mechanisms

Sound palette of the album is really rich...

Coping mechanisms became the foam new their, which took place on 17 February. The album included 10 tracks.

For Australian musicians, coping mechanisms became a debut job. The album has taken on a lot of unusual ideas. Foam tried to squeeze the immense and, uh, sorry, put a bunch of stuff in a single record. So, the prefabricated stew coping mechanisms consists of indie rock, alternative rock, and even the elements of math rock and garage rock with its characteristic lazy and dirty sound.

As many have already guessed, the album's sound palette is really rich, which is also true in general for vocals. Pure vocals are entangled with scream, and so cool that sometimes you can feel the obvious references to screamo and similar.

In our humble opinion, coping mechanisms from foam for those who are willing to seriously immerse themselves in the audition phase. The record, however, is not for the same audition. There's a lot of ideas here, and you can't hear anything in one or more times.

In a small way, I want to say that coping mechanisms worthy studio work. Foam did a good job and made his commonly quite unusual. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the work of Australians. Everybody enjoy the audition!

1. Mass Chew (03:36)
2. Get on Board (03:48)
3. Body Into Mine (02:51)
4. The Gift of Guilt (04:12)
5. Cope (05:52)
6. I Could Milk Myself (04:40)
7. We Don't Live in the U.S.A. (03:05)
8. Eat Your Family (03:13)
9. Snake Warning (03:16)
10. When Does it Get Better (06:02)
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Coping Mechanisms

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