Smother with the first notes meets us squall real emotions...

Smother Frameworks has a new album, which occurred on Deathwish Inc. on July 8. The longplay entered 11 tracks.

Young guys from Florida found that often enough delight fans of screamo and emo music for his work. This year, besides the EP album, Frameworks for a second protest longplay, what actually came out of it we will try to find out.

Smother with the first notes of real emotions flurry greets us. To begin, I want to talk a bit about the vocals. By and large it is quite typical for the genre, but for unknown reason you believe him and really you are inspired with all the mood of each song. With regard to the musical component, then it is not so straightforward. We can say that the instrumental, in principle is easy enough to understand, but in conjunction with the vocals of this soft and sensual music can permanently dyeing your hair in anguish. Meanwhile, I would like to note that if, instead of scream and meticulous vocals would be a clear voice with a pleasant timbre, Smother could easily be confused with any indie group from Britain.

Particularly memorable songs want to mention such tracks as the Fear Of Missing Out, Purge and Smother. Each of them is good in its own way, but the composition of the same plates and deserves careful attention. Perhaps it is this track and is the quintessential just scream genre in principle. Pleasant listening!

26.08.2016 12:46:54

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