Frankie Ballard
El Rio

Can be called a mature album to a wider audience...

Frankie Ballard released a new studio work, known as El Rio. Longplay was released June 10 on Warner Bros. Records and recites the 11 tracks.

33-year-old composer and artist Frankie Ballard released his third LP longplay, which continues the age-old American tradition of free music.

Previous studio recordings of Frankie Ballard the listener remember the sincere message and simply good music, which was performed in the spirit of the country. Frankly, El Rio does not provide its listener something radically new and unusual. El Rio is still the same familiar and recognizable country from a favourite artist.

Tracks included in fresh studio creation Frankie Ballard can easily brighten up your evening. Separately want to select a song It All Started with a Beer, which is incredibly fit into your long trip, accompanying you with its measured tones. All other songs performed in concentrated and balanced, each song tells your story, perhaps this is the fundamental difference between them.

Frankie Ballard produced enough good studio disc, which can please not only fans of country music, but just listener who is looking for quality and peaceful work. El Rio can be called a mature album to a wider audience. Pleasant listening!

30.07.2016 10:15:28
Genres: Pop, Country

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Frankie Ballard
El Rio

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