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Compositions designed to the last detail and represent a real aesthetic harmony...

Fred V & Grafix released their latest studio album called Oxygen. The album was released June 24 on Hospital Records and contains 15 tracks.

English electronic duo was loved by many more since the release of their debut LP a few years ago. With musical fields until recently there was no news, but Fred V & Grafix Rotisserie Tomio waiting second full-fledged album, which will be discussed today.

To begin, I would like to note that Oxygen stylistically is not inferior to its debut predecessor. First-class combination drum'n'bass and house.

Oxygen meets us exorbitant variety of musical material. The mood of the plates came out fairly uneven but definitely sincere. In addition, the musical duo invited to write their new LP a number of stellar guests, among which one should mention the Amy J Pryce, Kele and Dials. Wondering what Amy J Pryce took part in the recording of three songs, included in the Oxygen. Among the entire Pack of tracks is problematic to highlight favourites, as most of the songs is a unique theme that is unlike anything else in Oxygen.

Extravagant musical duo from England Fred V & Grafix with his incredibly stylish and high-quality Oxygen will unconditionally album you like, if you're a fan of electronic music. Submitted compositions designed to the last detail and represent a real aesthetic harmony. Pleasant listening!

18.07.2016 10:08:18

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Fred V & Grafix

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