Strange Little Birds

Compositions designed to the most subtle little things...

Strange Little Birds became Garbage's new studio album, which was held June 10 at STUNVOLUME Records. Longplay consists of 11 songs.

International musical formation, consisting of American and Scottish musicians, Garbage released its sixth longplay four years of utter silence. You know, that Strange Little Birds was recorded over a period of three years, and the beginning of the studio sessions had occurred in the year 2013. Looking at so much time spent waiting from LP may be perfectly appropriate.

Strange Little Birds from the first notes, opening their shows tracks longplay listener that titanic work accomplished. Compositions designed to the most subtle and not visible at first glance. Immediately I want to highlight a song called Empty, which is after the first acquaintance will certainly become your favorite and one of the most favorite tracks LP.

Musical Quartet is known for his broad musical tastes, but with a Strange Little Birds musicians dared not unfair and left only the most important and the most expressive, namely alternative rock, industrial rock and electronic rock.

For those who still doubt, acquainted with Strange Little Birds from the Garbage or not, please note that drummer gang is the very Big Butch, who acted as the producer of Nirvana's Nevermind on the disc. Pleasant listening!

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Strange Little Birds

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