The album is very atmospheric...

Ghost released a new album called Meliora. Delux version of the disc was released on September 16 at Loma Vista Recordings and consists of 15 tracks.

Meliora became thirds flagship work for the Swedish musical group. Interestingly, Meliora from Latin translates as "striving for something better" and the name is fully justified. Ghost in the fresh album surprised that frankly struck in progressive rock, but haven't forgotten about their musical roots, hard rock, psychedelic rock and doom metal.

Meliora turned slightly easier in sound than previous musical efforts of the gang from Scandinavia. As before, the first place is Meliora occult themes and other mystical things. The album is very atmospheric, as befits a Ghost bar. The Meliora, probably for the first time the ballads were represented, namely He Is and Spöksonat. Regarding sound, Ghost, along with his sound engineer put quite a pleasant sound, where everything is perfectly audible and located in their places. The interesting thing is that the sound is very close to the very concept of the tracks where you want to sound more dry and gives space for vocals, and the protracted and doom riffs, sound is gaining mass and becomes more dense.

Ghost released a very distinctive record that fully complies with the quality of the Swedish team. Good album for all fans of such music. Pleasant listening!

27.10.2016 08:31:06

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