Go March
Go March

There is a totally different side of electronic music...

Go March release fresh album of the same name. Full work was published 27 November and includes 8 sophisticated compositions.

Electronic trio from Belgium finally released a full musical work that all waited anxiously. Some personality predicted Go March grandiose future even after the release of an EP album which was released in the late spring of this year. In fact, and no wonder. All participants Go March approached the creation of own material very meticulously, with a considerable amount of time varied. Under details implies not only the nuances of the songs themselves, but also such things as cover, visual design, and more.

Successful become those who are not afraid to take a chance and create truly something radically new, or bring a small, but significant elements of innovation in their music. The same happened with the guys from Go March. 8 tracks, of course, can be described and interpreted in different ways. Despite the fact that Go March is frankly electronic album, musicians have added to their work a variety of sounds and elements that makes work best in terms of experimental innovation.

To Go March have no place for snobs. Musicians frank with their listeners and their longplay they wanted to show that there is a totally different side of electronic music, which is at odds with public understanding of musical style. Highly recommend for listening!

21.12.2015 14:49:36

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Go March
Go March

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