Good Charlotte
Youth Authority

Work definitely will find its audience...

Good Charlotte released a new studio album called the Youth Authority. The album was released July 15 on MDDN and contains 13 tracks.

American Quintet Good Charlotte after six years of absolute silence in the studio and released a full-length album of Youth Authority. After an unfavorable situation with Cardiology Good Charlotte was in limbo, however, now musicians are trying to rehabilitate.

The main problem of the Youth Authority, Yes, and Good Charlotte is selfcoping, and the absence of any innovative ideas. Virtually all that was included in the Youth Authority, and we and you've not once heard. Yes, probably not experiments genre allows, but as they say, it would be desire. All the songs included in the Youth Authority, are typical, but a very good demonstration of pop punk and alternative rock music. Good Charlotte any fresh track could not depart from established cliches of the genre. All the same motifs, choruses and melodies. However, particularly find its audience and will be primarily of interest to those who are not familiar with the genre per se or just wants to nostalgia. Unfortunately, time, Good Charlotte, along with pop punk has gone and to regain its former popularity and love of the fans could be venturing into his music, introducing something new.

Youth Authority became a good album for Good Charlotte, but he has virtually no values. Pleasant listening!

01.09.2016 16:58:34

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Good Charlotte
Youth Authority

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