Into Wild Life

Almost every song has a catchy chorus that makes the album Into the Wild Life number one of...

14 April, new work from the legendary band Halestorm, which was called Into the Wild Life.

Musicians from Halestorm slightly departed from the usual playing time in the psychedelic side of the 70's, in addition to the 15 new tracks you can hear moments more fatal elements. Finally pushed alternative metal, musicians began to work in a slightly different direction. Such an experiment with sound in a more than successful, Into Wild Life proof.

On the new disc feeled reviewers to rock music "old school", most likely Into the Wild Life, the sound in general very strongly influenced by the musical preferences of the participants of the group. But it is questionable whether these words sounded, not LP turned out to be very powerful.

Catchy melodies, dense sound of guitars, "formication" solo, and, of course, vocals. Company, the very vocal. However, he also undergone some changes, in view of the fact that some of the "tracks" on the subject and it sounds slightly distorted.

Almost every song has a catchy chorus, which cannot but make the album Into the Wild Life number one. Sometimes Flash keyboard which is very cool diluted defiant fatal sound collective. 

Album from legends Halestorm is ideological, experimental and, as always, quality. Each musical element is clearly and correctly. Into the Wild Life is a diverse album and quite easy for perception, which can play a good role. The disc will be guaranteed to all those who know and love the creativity of Halestorm.

15.04.2015 09:19:09
Genres: Rock, Hard Rock

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Into Wild Life

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