The Concrete Confessional

The Concrete Confessional came out the most grim and hard studio work...

Hatebreed released a new Studio disc called The Concrete Confessional. The album was released through Nuclear Blast on May 13 Entertainment and contains 13 songs.

American gang this year delighted countless fans seventh full-length album, which turned out to be extremely attractive and fair. Previous longplay The Divinity of Purpose, released in the year 2013, was the quintessence of all that Banda could best and thought, where is already raising the professional bar above. However, with The release of The Concrete Confessional we can observe that Hatebreed pribegnuli to the next, in order to avoid a possible stagnation. Earlier works were primarily Hatebreed genres such as metalcore and hardcore old school. In turn, The Concrete Confessional has added sound elements of crossover, which earlier volumes were observed.

Based on the refreshed style, the seventh album by American gangs flies very fast, not only due to the fact that the material is really excellent, but rather the very short compositions, which should last no more than 2 and half minutes on average.

The Concrete Confessional turned out to be quick and aggressive work on open spaces which in the lyrical parts all also touched on such topics as politics, social injustice, and many other important questions. In nature, it may be noted that The Concrete Confessional came out the most grim and hard studio work for all mature story Hatebreed. Despite the personal metamorphosis group, all former fans of the team definitely will appreciate the creative efforts of Hatebreed.

23.05.2016 13:41:53

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The Concrete Confessional

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