Here On Earth
In Ellipsis

Musicians train in a composition not trivial ideas...

In an Ellipsis became the new album for the group Here On Earth. Longplay was released January 28 and has 8 tracks.

Here On Earth is a Polish musical group, founded a few years ago, which systematically attempts to conquer the hearts of fans of progressive rock and alternative rock music. In an Ellipsis is essentially a debut record, which, alas, is not without flaws, but has a lot of really cool stuff.

Firstly In an Ellipsis can be off-putting, but only in the beginning, its far from perfect sound. Secondly note material also has some issues. But we are all here for the sake of the master of music, right? And here she is quite a good, albeit not perfect. In an Ellipsis, indeed, but it is quite worthy.

Musicians train in its composition not trivial ideas with good melodies, good energy and promise. On the concept of music Here On Earth clearly audible sources of inspiration, namely: Tool, Anathema and Katatonia.

To mastodons rock Here On Earth is still far away, but In an Ellipsis is the first step to the goal. The Poles have released is not bad the studio disc, which may be of interest to both fans of the genre, and seekers of something new. Pleasant listening!

10.04.2017 09:28:38

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Here On Earth
In Ellipsis

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