Light for perception and catchy tracks will be a pleasant surprise...

Heroes released a new album called Angel. The album has 14 tracks, which took place on March 18 on his own label collective.

A little-known team and mysterious team release quite decent studio work. Angel performed in the best traditions of alternative rock, where the rule of the entire instrumental bacchanalia is the girl with good vocal abilities. Plate meets us sufficiently dynamic and fresh tracks, which include the Settle and Save Your Strength with his explosive chorus.

A real revolution and revelation come together with a composition entitled Rollercoaster - a kind acoustic ballad with very unusual melody. In addition, notable song with the name of the Romance that has pop punk mood, which skillfully combined with electronic inserts.

Stylistically, Angel turned out to be extremely rich in work. The longplay are not only fast and loud songs, but also lyrical digressions, which is actually even more than we would like. Meanwhile, despite the fact that the Heroes themselves were involved in recording their LP, the album has a modern and high-quality sound, which is especially nice.

Heroes with their work Angel boldly lay claim to a place in your player, because they have something to show. Light for perception and catchy tracks will give you a pleasant surprise this spring. Pleasant listening!

1. Save Your Strength (03:34)
2. Settle (03:49)
3. Call It Quits (02:32)
4. Rollercoaster (03:48)
5. Up to You (03:30)
6. Romance (03:44)
7. Come on Over (03:01)
8. What a Mess (02:56)
9. Changes (03:27)
10. Interlude (02:43)
11. Pleading (04:38)
12. Wonders (03:08)
13. Just Dance (03:30)
14. I'd Like You Better With Your Mouth Closed (04:04)
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14.04.2016 11:50:10

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