I'LL Be Damned

Work will appeal to lovers of contemporary hard rock...

I'LL BE DAMNED released fresh self-titled longplay, who became the debut for musicians. Studio work consists of 12 compositions, which took place on 19 October.

In this extremely difficult to believe, especially after listening to the album, but I'LL BE DAMNED for Studio work of the same name became the first Studio experience and debut, respectively. For a start, it is worth noting that Danish musicians work in the age-old classic hard rock genre, so it will be interesting to many, we assure you.

Trained human eyes 12 tracks possess not only the classic spirit of hard rock, but not devoid of southern notes, with its characteristic passion and insouciance. Despite Frank instrumental simplicity, all tracks can be confidently called not just music and stylish. After listening to each track there is staunch and true professionalism over the years, which is not characterized by a young team.

The quality of the sound on the work I'LL BE DAMNED is more than satisfactory. Tutu sounds alive, rhythm section is in its place, but the vocals it's just something of such thematic voice you have nowhere to be heard is guaranteed. We will not tire of praising I'LL BE DAMNED, because here almost every composition hit and has all the components, from the cheerful keynote to extreme chorus.

The only composition, which is slightly different from all the songs, this is Your Only Home, apparently exactly the musicians themselves see the phenomenon of lyrical digressions.

I'LL BE DAMNED and their namesake work will appeal to lovers of modern hard rock, with noticeable touch of southern rock, so don't miss a moment.

08.11.2015 22:11:19

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I'LL Be Damned

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