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Rich and really new work...

The Treehouse was I See Stars new album, which took place on 17 June in Sumerian Records. Longplay consists of 12 compositions.

Known wards Sumerian Records from Michigan, released their fifth full plate almost after three years studio silence. Interestingly, the Treehouse was the first album of the group, which did not participate in the recording of the two permanent musician I See Stars, namely vocalist Zach Johnson and guitarist Jimmy Gregerson. Despite such serious changes in composition, I See Stars were able to recover and released disc, which seriously refreshed the own sound collective.

The Treehouse tightened as part of arrangements took a slightly different turn than before. Regarding vocal musicians rather difficult ways and now extreme vocals directs Devin Oliver, who previously served as party clean vocals. Actually, Brent Allen, who remained the sole guitarist of bands excellently accomplished the task and showed that he is capable of independently write real hits.

Speaking about the Treehouse song noteworthy Break, which likely deserves the utmost attention of the listener. In our humble opinion, it is here that collected the best I See Stars, besides here felt changes within the team, and all these changes for the better.

Treehouse for I See Stars is truly a new album that will appeal to both loyal fans of the band, and all lovers of the post-hardcore and electronic music. Rich and really new work from all of your favorite team. Pleasant listening!

29.07.2016 12:15:44

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I See Stars

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