Imagine Dragons
Smoke + Mirrors

Album for lovers of good music with memorable refrenami Buzzcocks and simple motifs of...

At the time of the release of his second Studio album, the band from Las Vegas came up in status sverhpopulârnoj: high on the charts, winning the nomination Grammy Awards, invitations to prestigious music festivals and live performances in the elite events.

If such a project was not, indeed, it should come up. Lightweight, devoid of rock foundation of pathos "Stadium" hymns in the tradition of U2 or Coldplay were like people all over the world. Smoke + Mirrors album was produced by the same man that worked with Rihanna and Nicki Minaj albums. And that's reason to think the fans group who believe the information from Wikipedia that Imagine Dragons play indie rock. In fact, where the composition of Polaroid though drop of indie or rock? Yes, and "program" the songs of the album, like Smoke and Mirrors, or Shots, are purely external attributes of rock music, sort of bombastic guitar solo or vocal leader of a group of nadryvnogo by Dan Reynolds. If it's rock, and a very refined, without nerve, without soul. But learning to Imagine Dragons with fans is not necessary. On the cover of the new album was presented a set of digits codes, meaning the coordinates "gifts from groups (free tickets to upcoming concerts, an electric guitar autographed by, and so on).

Everyone could try their hand in their quest in the desert of Nevada. And meaningful new album cover was sent to fans in the form of fragments-puzzle to be put together yourself. Album for lovers of good music with memorable refrenami Buzzcocks and simple motifs.

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Genres: Pop, Indie Pop

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Imagine Dragons
Smoke + Mirrors

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