The Devil

High quality of ideas and their implementation is guaranteed...

Indy released his latest album called The Devil. The album consists of 8 songs that were recorded by himself a musician.

The Devil is the debut of a Studio work thunderstorms Australian folk rock. Indy managed to recreate the atmosphere of the Wild West on their fresh album. If we consider genre component new album the musician, then there are a few styles - indie folk, folk rock, southern rock, and, of course, blues rock. A glance at these tags when and think how you can successfully combine data. If southern rock and blues are friends from the previous century, and not one perpetrator has proved that the combination of these styles gives extremely weighty and interesting sound, a mixture of indie folk and southern rock leads once again to ponder. Despite all these genre biases as soon as you turn on the first song The Devil, one realizes that collided with a professional who knows what to do.

Composition called Down to the Last Train that opens a small album The Devil reveals all of the mood of the album. In recording songs participated besides classical acoustic guitar, mouth harp and harmonica can be heard on the first track of The Devil.

Unprecedented leader and track, which is undoubtedly the most energetic and number one is the composition C'mon Let's Ride. All simple SCCA in this song, the idea of the Wild West and disclosed in full, as soon as he could.

Finally I want to say that if you're a fan of unusual aggressive folk, in conjunction with other styles, then you just need to familiarize themselves with The Devil from Indy. High quality of ideas and their implementation is guaranteed.

1. Down to the Last Train (04:22)
2. C'mon Let's Ride (03:44)
3. Light the Fire (01:15)
4. There's No Bandage for a Broken Heart (02:56)
5. Hellhouse Blues (01:10)
6. Goin Down With Her (03:46)
7. Ojos Dos (03:40)
8. Now and Then (03:45)
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20.08.2015 08:02:31

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The Devil

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