Infected Mushroom
Converting Vegetarians II

An impressive amount of stunning tracks is full of originality...

Infected Mushroom released a new disc entitled Machine Vegetarians II. The album consists of 15 tracks, which took place at Dim Mak Records.

Anniversary tenth studio work came out of the Israeli electronic band Infected Mushroom. The foundation stone of creativity generally recognized guru is the need to surprise the listener and a creative and experimental approach to the realization of their dreams and ideas. First of all, it should be mentioned that this is the same Infected Mushroom, it needed to explore new longplay, you do not fall into a stun from the updated sound musicians. Infected Mushroom have exhausted themselves in a huge list of electronic music genres and this time settled on glitch, downtempo, electronica, and this is not all. Immediately it became clear at the new work Infected Mushroom decided to hit the lounge as far as possible.

An impressive amount of stunning tracks is replete with originality, all members of formation are musicians from the big letter. Guys are playing the dizzying musical that leaves a pleasant aftertaste. Perhaps the most remarkable track all understandings is the composition of Fields of Grey that is recorded together with the idol of millions Sasha Grey. After detailed acquaintance with Converting Vegetarians II perception of how electronic music can be mature, unique and rich. Infected Mushroom and their new work compare with anyone is invalid foolishness, this formation has no analogues, so you, dear listeners, to be heading to the wilds Converting Vegetarians II right now.

11.10.2015 08:30:36

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Infected Mushroom
Converting Vegetarians II

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