Infected Mushroom
Friends On Mushrooms

You will find an audio feast, and many tracks for sure for a long time will migrate into your Ipod...

Some curses them on than light stands for apostasy from the ideals of psy trance. Others are willing to unquestioningly follow them in any given direction. The name of such a controversial project, Infected Mushroom, and one thing is certain: this Israeli group has long outgrown the one particular style. Hence the attempt in recent years to expand its activities: 

Infected Mushroom have recorded three EPS in collaboration with Savant, Pegboard Nerds and Kelsy Karter called Friends On Mushrooms, continued his studies in brakes and dubstep, and took part in the production team's third album Lady GaGa Artpop (I wonder how many curses of "genuine" trance-funs for this sacrilege were Erez and Amit Duvdevani Ajzen?).

Strictly speaking, the new album called new cannot be: it used material from the last three of the same EP (although other, extra long versions) and included two new compositions: Kafkaf and Kazabubu. Spread out over there: Solitaire album sounds consistent and baby foods, from the first to the seventh song. 

Of course, music lovers, sharing the view that the "mushrooms" are not the same, will be able to find the Friends the On Mushrooms numerous clues to prove the rightness of their version.

The rest really enjoy a new (relatively) album that demonstrates that the Infected Mushroom in the almost 20-year career have not lost the love for trance, not talent and interest in experimentation, have good taste and hearing and continue to keep abreast of developments in electronic music. You will find an audio feast, and many tracks for sure for a long time will migrate into your Ipod.

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Infected Mushroom
Friends On Mushrooms

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