For fans of the sophisticated, well-crafted, atmospheric and grim music...

Invivo released his new album called Arise. The album consists of 11 tracks, which came out on September 4 BeTrue Music.

Hello, lovers of quality music. Today, we turn your attention to the stunning release from colorful Italian musicians Invivo. Arise for children is the second full-length album, which continues the story of the shadow in the preceding longplay, which hosted no less, and five years ago.

Invivo - this is the case when the quality stands on the first place. Fresh disc is an extremely interesting musical hodgepodge, consisting of progressive rock, art rock with a splash of progressive metal.

Being an avid fan of sophisticated, well-crafted, atmospheric and sometimes gloomy music, you can appreciate the whole musical promise. Arise is replete with poliritmami, sometimes dissonance and jazz accents, which quite a few, but they are present. Among the entire Pack tracks, there are lyrical revelation, such as composition, Where It Always Ends where the main role is played by the vocals, keyboards and perfect samples, by the way, they have an obligation to all space and atmosphere of the album.

Meanwhile, cover Arise fully reflects all the content, all the musical material present at the last longplee Italians.

Extremely hard to find flaws where they do not have the slightest hint. Invivo did a terrific job, at the end of which the album covers the largest number of listeners. Uniquely, Arise almost everyone will find something for themselves - whether napalm progressive passages, as in the compositions, or frankly soft tracks, on which several previously mentioned.

1. Arise (03:55)
2. Hostage (03:50)
3. Engage (03:27)
4. Always (04:03)
5. The Space (03:48)
6. Magnets (04:44)
7. Sulfur (04:22)
8. Unchained (04:20)
9. The Edge (03:51)
10. Where It Ends (05:40)
11. Redefine (Bonus Track) (04:35)
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17.09.2015 16:38:01

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