American gang continues to raise the bar of their own professionalism...

Issues released a new disc called Headspace. The album saw the light of day may 20 at Rise Records and contains 13 songs.

American gang from Atlanta after a fairly successful debut LP releases second full-scale work which by its nature has changed. The Headspace you can contemplate a magnificent combination of various genres, as well as easily you can determine exactly where members Issues drew its inspiration.

In the vastness of the Headspace, of course, dominates the mix of metalcore and post-hardcore, never disappeared and alternative metal elements, and hints of progressive metalcore. The first thing that catches into account when checking with Headspace, so it is pronounced sounding bass guitars and in principle all instrumental. From the vocal component it should be noted that the former vocalist Michael Bohn now sings exclusively clean vocals, leaving behind his efforts in extreme ways. Tyler Carter, as before, helps him in this field, as well as adds its rap insertion, which Issues are not Issues.

Issues prepared for all fans of modern heavy music a great album, which is the most diverse in stylistic terms. Excellent work, which will appeal to many. American gang continues to raise the bar of their own professionalism and give high-quality music. Pleasant listening!

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