Didn't You, My Dear?

Longplay is also laced with an unusual atmosphere...

Janita produced a new longplay, which was given the name Didn't You, My Dear?. Studio work consists of 13 tracks, which took place on March 25 at ECR Music Group.

Janita for your music career managed to create entire 8 albums, the last of which will be with you today.

To create Didn't You, My Dear?, Janita inspired musical manifestations such as soul, r'n'b and even jazz and it's good for all 13 tracks. Interestingly, the soul migrated from an inspiration in his own music Finnish performers where and found refuge. In addition, Didn't You, My Dear? Contains such stylistic manifestations, as alternative and a bit of pop.

Why I want to call the music that went into Didn't You, My Dear? All compositions are measured, calm and easily perceived with literally all listeners. Fresh longplay also is laced with an unusual atmosphere, which is just so impossible to describe. At Didn't You, My Dear? There is a pinch of melancholy and a gray mood, but here comes the whole charm.

It is strongly recommended that you read fresh studio work entitled Didn't You, My Dear? from the Finnish singer and composer Janita. This authentic and original music you haven't heard for a long time, we assure you.

03.04.2016 11:40:41
Genres: Pop, R'n'B, Soul

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Didn't You, My Dear?

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