Steel tracks differ enviable depth...

Awakening became Jaytech fresh album, which was released late last month. studio work includes 11 tracks Digital Positronic retired.

Output of fresh full-length album of extremely powerful performer Jaytech can safely mark the feast for all lovers of electronic music. James Cayzer, who hides under the creative pseudonym Jaytech, firing longplay Awakening, continued to conquer the progressive house scene.

Not that the Australian composer and musician has changed greatly from album to album, but the Awakening clearly feels some sort of tipping point. The tracks included in the plate steel differ enviable depth. Appreciating the composer Jaytech's ability, it is worth noting that before the creation of the Awakening musician clearly rethought approach to creating your own music. The structure of the tracks became more interesting, actually like all the material.

No matter how I wanted to find the spoon of tar, listening to Awakening, there is not a single observations, that is, on all fronts. It certainly speaks about progress Jaytech, which is good.

Finally I want to say a few words to potential fans of Australian musician. If you for some reason are not familiar with Jaytech, Awakening will be specifically music camp to which you.

26.12.2015 04:21:19

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