King of Everything

Passions do not subside on either provided by the song...

Jinjer released its new studio disc, which was called the King of Everything. Longplay was released 29 July on Napalm Records and counts 10 tracks.

For the Ukrainian metal formation Jinjer, King of Everything became a full-fledged album, with thirds which professional musicians have consolidated their honestly earned success. For those not familiar with previous work collective, it is worth noting that the gang works in such areas as progressive metalcore and groove metal. King of Everything further expanded the style of gangs and the third LP all fans can enjoy the lion's portion of progressive metal.

King of Everything turned out to be the most diverse and varied longplay Jinjer. Clean female vocals famously breaks down at the Creek, with regard to the instrumental parts, Jinjer album give odds, perhaps, all colleagues on the label and far beyond. Huge impact is felt in such a hardcore track as Words of Wisdom, meaningful death metal compositions such as Sit Stay Roll Over and Under the Dome. Passions do not subside on either provided by the song. Explosive choruses such as Dip a Sail and Just Another will impress any fan of modern metal. All this aesthetic Bliss, perhaps adorns the main hit LPs under the name I Speak Astronomy. Excellent concept, maximum diversity of musical figures and riffs, as well as an award-winning chorus multiple selects a song from the common masses, but does it not too obtrusive. Well, to sum up the small total it should be noted that at the end of the album, dear headbangers, you are waiting for an unexpected surprise in the face of the song Beggars Dance.

To sum up, I would like to say that such a powerful and diverse album as King of Everything from Jinjer metal community not known for quite a long time. King of Everything is a serious statement around the world from a modest team of professionals.

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King of Everything

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