Leo Rising

The album hits weight and frankly memorable melodies...

Leo Rising became the new studio work for Karmin. The album consists of 13 tracks, which occurred on 9 September on Sony Music Entertainment.

Leo Rising is the second full-length album for the American duo. It should be noted that the EP album Hello, which was the precursor to the debut LP Pulses was much more interesting and more musical, for obvious reasons. After a not-so-successful debut album, the guys planned to regain lost ground with the help of Leo Rising. Fresh longplay brought in the musical life of the duo updated the style and the dance and pop rock came more classic, but contemporary pop format, which will definitely enjoy a large number of listeners.

Leo Rising diversity does not shine, but who needs it in such a simple and touching the studio work. The album hits weight and frankly memorable melodies that the duo format just a tremendous success. All four singles that went on over the past two years found their place in the vast Leo Rising. The remaining tracks have no struggling common rut, and unless otherwise peppered with musical sauce.

Karmin released quite a good studio work, which, in our humble opinion, an order of magnitude more interesting previous LP. Leo Rising - it simplicity, sincerity and understanding that now wants to hear the average listener. Good disc for the general public. Pleasant listening!

06.10.2016 12:21:56
Genres: Pop, R'n'B, Soul

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Leo Rising

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