CloudRiders, Pt. 2: Technowars

All in the best traditions of the genre: a lot of tunes, a lot of guitar solos...

CloudRiders, PT. 2: Technowars Kerion was a new album, which was released 30 October this year. Longplay was released on Beyond The Storm Production and includes 13 complete compositions.

For the musical group from France, CloudRiders, PT. 2: Technowars was the sixth album in the history of art. An interesting feature of this release is that, 3 years later, Kerion still continued their conceptual epic that began in 2012, with the release of CloudRiders, PT. 1: Road to Skycity. So, for those who at one time caught the first part of the story, procrastinate with listening categorically cannot be - CloudRiders, PT. 2: the most Technowars the plot of the story.

The latest release Kerion continue to create in power metal, symphonic metal, genres, and doing it quite confidently and professionally, though not quite original. As regards music, then to CloudRiders, PT. 2: Technowars all in the best traditions of the genre: a lot, a lot of melodic guitar solos, quite fast tracks gender diversity vocals and all of this successfully joined together under the strict guidance of a professional studio.

Fans, of course, fresh album French liking, but we dare to assume that well-rounded students is meant in the context of heavy music, places may seem boring.

23.11.2015 20:59:51

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CloudRiders, Pt. 2: Technowars

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