Kill Paris
Galaxies Between Us

Demonstrate the highest degree of development and decent use of modern sounds from the past...

April 14, 2015 years after the release of countless remixes and original compositions over the last three years, Chris Baker, better known by his stage name Kill Paris finally releases his debut album Galaxies Between Us their own independent label Sexy Electric.

From the beginning to the end of the album, 10 songs, show the highest degree of development for his debut album and a decent standard of modern sounds come from the past. Thanks to a glitch bass, disco groove and funk synths that flicker throughout the album, this album is an indication that the musician has devoted many years to hone their skills in electronic music and in developing their own style. Releasing the song Space Forest, the first single from "long play" released last month, he got good reviews from critics and fans, who now have a chance to listen to the entire masterpiece without frills, and, of course, analyse the work done.

Galaxies Between Us is a reflection of the fact that the experienced musician for the last time. The ups, the downs and frustrations in the music industry.

Awesome idea is the fact that Kill Paris released his debut album on his own, and an independent label, because it helped him to focus on building high-quality and unique electronic music and not be distracted by various paper challenges and requirements of the label, especially for young musicians.

20.04.2015 05:43:58

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Kill Paris
Galaxies Between Us

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