Causes of bright emotions...

KIMAKIMA released a new studio and the same disc album was released on September 23, convener of Music Group and contains 12 tracks.

Kira Malygina, which is the main link of a small musical project KIMAKIMA, released the first full-scale and really long-awaited disc. It is interesting to note that domestic artists and groups are no longer afraid and start to experiment and openly want to be innovators. Don't want too get on before, but KIMAKIMA it really is.

All the music constituent plates performed in magic indie pop format. It is interesting to note that KIMAKIMA format turned out to be really unusual and original. Many of the previously mentioned that musicians on KIMAKIMA have the secondary character and all the attention and concentration are given the lyrics of the album. In fact, this may seem true, but only partly. Words are executed in plain language for us, and therefore the listener and trying to penetrate the depths of fact rows leaving instrumentale task of giving the necessary atmosphere.

In fact, the debut disc from KIMAKIMA listen to unusual and Nice. The album of the same name is only bright emotions and longplay wants to listen to a specific mood. KIMAKIMA has its own unique character, which takes place in the vast ocean of music. Pleasant listening!

31.10.2016 08:23:00
Genres: Pop, Indie Pop

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