King of the City
No Snake

Will be interesting to fans of the genre and those crazy experiments over the styles...

King of the City released a new album titled No Snake. Longplay was released 14 August at Lonesome Dog Records and contains 14 new songs.

The London team King of the City this year, produced the first work without its irreplaceable participant, who unexpectedly died several years earlier. Musicians through and fully devote the work of vocalist Danny Wilder.

No Snake is a whimsical blend of alternative rock with a distinctive British blues rock sound, and even elements of hip-hop/rap, of course, with a slight taste of electronic, without which it cannot do any modern release.

It should be noted that all genres are disclosed in tracks gradually and not immediately. With the first songs Make Me Worse, we were met by alternative rock and blues rock, and closer to the song They Know Nothing is revealed hip-hop side plates.

Perfectly underlines the name and everything on the album cover, which is made in a minimalist but highly original style.

Perhaps the most surprising thing is that the musicians of the King of the City together with the recording studio failed to achieve old school sound that is so believable that at first impression that you listen to the album at least 20 years ago.

All 14 songs perfectly get along among themselves and, despite the broad genre boundaries, all obeys harmoniously and nothing stands out. Thus, King of the City released the album No Snake, which would be interesting to fans of the genre, and, of course, the trainees who are crazy about experimentation with styles.

22.08.2015 12:52:16

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King of the City
No Snake

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