Kings Of Leon

10 tracks performed under the auspices of musical perfection...

Kings Of Leon released their new studio disc titled WALLS. The album was released by RCA Records on October 14 and consists of 10 songs.

Fresh longplay Kings Of Leon can be considered, perhaps, exemplary in terms of how skillfully you can combine alternative rock and indie rock, as well as framing it in so soft and light wrapper that massive success, including radio simply inevitable.

Fresh composition commands executed under clear internal quality control, the level of which is from the LP to LP only grows and improves. 10 fresh tracks performed under the auspices of musical perfection. It was released very equal and balanced, but the full expressive. On the WALLS, which by the way is decrypted, as We Are Like Love Songs, in sufficient quantity and quality of presented solid number of slightly different songs. Excessive diversity in this case for Kings Of Leon may not benefit, because the team is loved for what it is. A small spoiler if we will let you know that it is the full name of the LP could not have better describes his entire essence.

Fresh longplay gang promises to be interesting not only to fans of the genre and the band in general, but who just want to hear quality modern alternative music. Here and now you can enjoy a really high-quality plate from the relatively young and energetic team. Kings Of Leon and their WALLS deserves your attention. It will be interesting. Pleasant listening!

11.12.2016 09:01:17

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Kings Of Leon

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